Make-up Application

duration: 30 minutes
price: £30
includes: a personalised make-up application

A make-up application is a great way to find out what colour me beautiful is all about without having to commit to a full service. This consultation is also great for that special occasion/treat.

This session will give you:

  • a brief assessment of your dominant colour type
  • a check through your make-up bag to see which of your products work well for you
  • a full make-up in your best colours

how it works
Bring along your make-up bag and I will have a look and advise you which of your existing products are really working for you, and which ones are not earning their keep. You’ll have a chance to try on make-up from our cosmetics range and you’ll receive a list of shades from our range which will suit you best.

After seeing the range of colours that work for your make-up you may want to consider booking a full colour analysis so that you can apply all your best colours to your wardrobe too!

A make-up application is ideal for groups as well as individuals. So, if your friends, family or work colleagues want to enjoy a make-upapplication then just contact me. For a more in-depth analysis of your best make-up colours consider a make-up lesson or a colour analysis.

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